GSE Support


1, Aviation Ground Maintenance: The Ground Support Equipment Mechanic diagnoses malfunctions and repairs Ground Support Equipment (GSE), solves repair problems by studying drawings, wiring diagrams and schematics, and technical publications; uses automated maintenance data systems to monitor maintenance trends, analyze equipment requirements, and document maintenance actions, and analyzes, diagnosis, and repairs GSE.

tn_IMG_5015 (2)This mechanic maintains external fuel and grounding systems, performs scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on GSE, inspects, tests, and operates GSE to determine equipment serviceability and proper operation, services equipment with fuel, oil, water, coolant, hydraulic fluid, refrigerant, and compressed air, diagnoses mechanical and electronic circuitry malfunctions using visual and auditory senses, test equipment, and technical publications.

tn_IMG_5017 (2)This work also does the following: disassembles and assembles malfunctioning GSE accessories and components, removes, disassembles repairs, cleans, treats for corrosion, assembles, and reinstalls GSE components and accessories, stencils and marks GSE in accordance with technical publications, stores, handles, labels, uses, and disposes of hazardous materials and waste in accordance with all state, local, and federal environmental standards and regulations. This mechanic prepares GSE for storage and mobility deployment; and operates, cleans, inspects, and services GSE towing vehicles. In addition to maintaining vehicle records, this mechanic maintains and updates paper and electronic equipment records, provides dispatch service for GSE, including positioning equipment to support aircraft maintenance and flying operations, practices good housekeeping, tool control, Foreign Object Damage prevention, and safety at all times.

IMG_4819 (2)2, Transportation: Performing transportation support includes aircraft blades, tail rotor blades, engines, and transmissions. The Contractor shall provide a field and

Sustainment maintenance emergency response support capability, also referred to as a Downed Aircraft Recovery Team (DART). The Contractor shall assist in the recovery of

Rotary wing disabled aircraft. Performance of these duties may require transportation of The recovery crew by military aircraft or vehicle. The Government will maintain the

Option of self-recovery. RASM-W Contractors shall be prepared to support all port operations requirements in their AOR to include those at ports in

Beaumont, TX and Galveston, TX. The level of this requirement is determined annually and is based upon FORSCOM mission requirements and DA deployment rotational schedules.


3, Refuel/ Defuel: Following tasks: operates service vehicles to replenish fuel, checks for fuel contamination by draining sumps and fuel drains; Conducts daily fuel tests, and submits monthly fuel samples to the lab. Maintains a daily/monthly fuel issue log which is sent to the Govt on a monthly basis.